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Debt Relief is Here for the 99%

By DebtCleanse

DebtCleanse Group Legal Services is launching to give ordinary Americans dealing with unaffordable debt access to tools and legal help to clear their debts for pennies on the dollar.

Debt is a growing problem in America, and DebtCleanse Group Legal Services just launched a solution that empowers people to break free of their payments and fight back against creditors and debt collectors.

The DebtCleanse strategy for getting out of debt rejects the principle of paying back creditors on their payment terms. Instead, the goal is for the debtor to gain as much leverage as possible in order to eventually settle the debt for as little as possible. The steps include:

The DebtCleanse online platform is now available in 30 states and the District of Columbia. Members can login to debtcleanse.com and access tools to take control of their payments. When the time comes to seek additional help, members can connect with an attorney, receive a free monthly consultation and document review, and save 25% on any other necessary legal work.

Traditional debt relief solutions like bankruptcy, debt consolidation, and credit counseling don’t do enough to help people burdened with unaffordable debt. Often the individual is left with a payment plan that still taxes their resources leaving them unable to pay for surprise medical bills or automobile costs - which is why two-thirds of chapter 13 bankruptcies fail. Other times they are locked into a plan of smaller payments over a much longer term meaning their total amount paid (including interest) in the end far exceeds what they borrowed.

There are risks involved to assets and to credit scores using this method, however it is easier to deal with these issues than with decades of crippling debt payments. Especially since traditional debt solutions often end in loss of assets and credit scores anyway, and still leave people saddled with huge long-term payment plans.

“Most creditors then go through a time-consuming review process in which they determine the most that they can squeeze out of you and still keep you motivated and paying,” says DebtCleanse Founder and CEO Jorge P. Newbery. “If your lender gives you a payment that you can barely afford, then they will take advantage of every penny they can get from your income and leave you with just enough to survive.”

Everyday people have the power to challenge the corporate debt cycle, and DebtCleanse can help with online tools and access to affordable attorneys trained in this unconventional strategy. Newbery used these strategies himself to get out from under $26 million in debt without declaring bankruptcy after a natural disaster devastated his real estate business.


Premium Membership features:

  • A debt tracker to stay on top of debts and stages of settlement

  • A letter generator to create messages to hold creditors accountable

  • A network of affordable attorneys motivated to help

  • One complimentary attorney consultation and document review per month

  • Member savings of 25% on any additional legal work

Free Membership features:

  • A debt tracker to stay on top of debts and stages of settlement

Join today and find your debt solution.

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