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DebtCleanse is launching in January 2019 to disrupt America’s debt cycle

By DebtCleanse

Most debt relief solutions are simply ways to extract more money from debtors (in smaller payments over a longer period of time with more interest and fees), and it’s time for a real fix that will work for everyday people, not for corporations. America has a serious debt problem that, for many, has grown beyond the help that loan consolidation, traditional debt settlement programs, and personal finance help can fix.

  • 77 million Americans have debts in collections

  • 20% of Americans are spending over half of their income on debt repayment, and 13% of Americans expect to be in debt for the rest of their lives

  • 10 million families owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth

  • 60% of Americans with student debt in 2015 were not making payments

  • Visit the DebtCleanse statistics page to see more startling statistics on debt in the U.S.

DebtCleanse is a solution for the ordinary Americans in the 99% who are honest and hardworking, but who have gotten caught up in the often predatory cycle of never-ending debt payments. The steps may sound non-traditional or extreme, but when locked in a grip of corporate greed and ruined credit, the DebtCleanse platform offers a way to take control of payments, use bad credit to your advantage, and gain leverage over creditors.

For Americans saddled with unaffordable debts they can’t pay, the DebtCleanse method could be the key to finally clearing debts for a fraction of what is owed.

A simple breakdown of how to break the debt payment cycle:

  • Prepare yourself with these 7 steps

  • Stop making payments

  • Save what you would have paid

  • Find flaws in your creditors’ cases

  • If necessary, contact an attorney

  • Negotiate a single lump-sum payment for pennies on the dollar (and sometimes not a single cent)

These basic DebtCleanse steps are based on the methods that founder Jorge Newbery used after the financial crash and a natural disaster left him with millions of dollars in debts he could not pay. Once he managed to clear his debts, he wrote a book to guide others through the process, and all of these tools and strategies have been built into DebtCleanse.com.

The online platform is launching in January 2019.

Premium Membership features:

  • A network of affordable attorneys motivated to help

  • One complimentary attorney consultation and document review per month

  • Member savings of 25% on any additional legal work

  • A debt tracker to stay on top of debts and stages of settlement

  • A community Q&A forum to trade stories, share ideas, and receive advice

  • A letter generator to create messages to hold creditors accountable

Free Membership features:

  • A debt tracker to stay on top of debts and stages of settlement

  • A community Q&A forum to trade stories, share ideas, and receive advice

Click here to join the waiting list.

Click here to download a Quick Start Guide and begin your journey to debt freedom.

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Stuck in a cycle of never-ending debt payments?

DebtCleanse can help you take back control of your payments and your life.

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